Eco-friendly Green Roofing – Sustainable Roof Systems

In the 21st Century, living a green life isn’t just a neat slogan on a bumper sticker. Technological advances in roofing technology have turned a simple catch phrase into a money saving opportunity for both residential homeowners and commercial property managers. In Florida, where the sun and rain wreak havoc of normal roofing materials, today’s green roofing options thrive on them.

At Singleton Roofing Contractors, our highly trained roofers are experts at installing the following types of green roofing:

Green Roofing Benefits

While skeptics say being eco-friendly is a fad, there are some real world benefits that make it a sound financial decision. When you see the following video from Duro-Last a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly roofing materials

As you can see, installing a sustainable roof is a choice with many advantages. Besides the immediate and long term energy savings, you also get the added bonus of reduced HVAC maintenance and repairs. You also reduce your overall carbon footprint which increases the community’s overall air quality. If you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly roofing materials, or want to just get some advice prior to choosing the right system, call Singleton Roofing Contractors today.

Free Eco-friendly Roof Installation Estimates

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