Green Roofing Systems – Rooftop Garden Installation for Commercial Buildings

Singleton Roofing Contractors installs green roofing systems throughout Sarasota, Bradenton, & Venice. By combining landscaping and architecture, a green roof is a natural way to solve many of today’s most pressing energy-saving needs. In fact, eco-conscious developers and architects are embracing the embracing the green roofing concept like never before. You can find landscape roofs in cities like New York City (USPS mail processing facility) and Chicago (City Hall).

Green Roofing Benefits for Commercial Development

There are some great advantages to installing a green roof:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Reduced need for HVAC repairs
  • Increased sound insulation
  • Increased roof life
  • A gorgeous looking roof
  • Less chances of leakage
  • Enhanced drainage
  • Government incentives

Here is a very informative video that delves further into the benefits of a living roof:

Green Roofing & LEED Certification

Singleton Roofing Contractors can help you gain the following LEED credits when you install a living green roof system:

  • Stormwater Management: SS Credit 6
  • Water Efficient Landscaping – WE Credit 3.1-3.3
  • Innovation and Design Credit
  • Optimize Energy Performance – EA Credit 1

One of the best ways for commercial property owners to reduce energy costs across the board (HVAC, electricity, and roofing maintenance) is to install a green roofing system. In fact, qualifying buildings that earn the Optimize Energy Performance – EA Credit 1 can earn up to 15 points! That kind of result goes a long way to earning LEED Gold or LEED Platinum status.

Free Green Roofing Installation Estimates

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