Commercial Building Roof Repair Service Serving Sarasota, Manatee, & Charlotte Counties

Reliable. Timely. Cost-saving.  Those are the things landlords and building managers say about Singleton Roofing Contractors. Because the last thing you want to hear over the phone is that a property you own or manage has another leak, Singleton Roofing Contractors offers commercial building roof repairs you can rely on. We treat every job the same, regardless of size, scope, or budget. Our policy is pretty simple. We’d rather do great work that earns referrals, than another call from you asking us to fix something that should have been taken care of correctly the first time. This is why we don’t employ unskilled laborers, or use below-standard materials.

Have you just received word from a tenant or building manager that there’s a leak coming from the roof? Did the last big thunderstorm cause debris to crack some barrel tiles? For roof repairs large and small, property owners and building managers know that when they call Singleton Roofing Contractors, they will receive fast, efficient service with professional results.

Causes of Roof Damage

Singleton Roofing Contractors are experts at commercial building roof repair due to the following causes:

  • Weathering – The combo of rain and the sun’s ultraviolet rays deteriorates asphalt shingle, tile, and flat roofing materials. Metal roofing weathers the best out of all roofing materials. Learn more about our metal roofing installation service.
  • Wind Damage – If water and sun weren’t enough, damage from the wind is another headache. Wind lifts up shingles, tiles, and any loose roofing. Even if your roof is in good condition, flying debris can wreak havoc on many materials.
  • Faulty Roof Design – If your roof was installed incorrectly, a building’s roof might experience membrane splitting due to inadequate expansion and contraction allowances or heavy loads. Other problems may occur such as pooling water due to inadequate drainage, or sloping roofs. If you’ve experienced excessive repair bills due to inadequate roof installation, contact us about our commercial roof replacement service.
  • Flashing Problems – To the untrained eye flashing problems often get missed. However, Singleton Roofing has over 40 years of experience with every kind of flashing material. Because flashing is the most susceptible parts on a roof, our repairmen will always do a thorough inspection to see if the flashing is in good condition. In most cases, we’ll also be able to tell if a future problem might arise due to faulty installation.

How DIY Roofing Repairs Can Lead to Lost Revenue

When it comes to owning commercial property in Florida, fixing any flaw found in a roof is critical.  One of our customers who owned property in a number of states told us about a valuable lesson they had learned. He owned a strip mall in South Venice where one customer had called to report a leaky roof. Instead of getting the flat roof repaired right away by a reputable roof repair company, he chose to go the do-it-yourself route. After a couple of hours trying to patch the exposed part of the roof himself, this property owner thought to himself, “Job well done.” As we all know, Murphy’s law often rears itself at the worst moment possible. This all happened in 2004, the year Hurricane Charley roared through Southwest Florida. While not sustaining a direct hit, the wind and rain forced open the makeshift patch. The next day, the property owner fielded calls from some very angry business owners who were mortified to find their businesses suffered major water damage. To make matters worse, half of his tenants told him they were not going to renew their lease.

Now, this property owner knows whenever one of his strip mall tenants even mentions the first sign of water damage on a ceiling tile, he calls us right away. If you suspect, or know your roof needs repair, call Singleton Roofing Contractors today.

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