Steep Slope Roofing Construction & Installation from Singleton Roofing Contractors

Steep slope roofs are what pretty much everyone thinks of when they envision the roof of a home. Besides being pleasing to the eye, steep slope roofs are designed to handle the elements such as wind and rain. Proper installation of steep slope roofing is beyond critical. While many developers and property owners want to see roofs completed as fast as possible, at Singleton Roofing Contractors, we pride ourselves on speed AND the attention to detail that ensures quality results.

Steep Slope Roofing Benefits

While the cost of materials and labor makes steep slope roofs slightly more expensive than other roofing types, the long term benefits are too good to ignore:

  • 50% longer lifespan than other roofing installation methods
  • Attractive look used for centuries in homes, public, and private buildings
  • Faster water runoff (dependent on pitch, of course)
  • Lower chances of debris buildup
  • Lower chances of mold & mildew proliferation

Steep Slope Roofing Systems

The roofers we employ are all highly-skilled. They know exactly what it takes to install or replace the following types of steep slope roofing systems:

Free Steep Slope Roof Replacement & Installation Estimates

Singleton Roofing Contractors service the following areas: Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, Venice, Osprey, and all surrounding communities.

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