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Roof Repairs

With 50 years of experience under our belt, the team at Singleton Roofing provides roof repairs that are quick, affordable, and long-lasting. Homeowners and property managers across Sarasota and Manatee County know they can trust us to protect their roof from even Florida’s roughest weather. If you need repairs due to leaks, cracks, storm damage, or anything else—we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait for damage to get catastrophic. Call us today for maintenance and repairs!

Is My Roof Damaged?

Internal water stains, curled shingles, cracked tiles, soffit or fascia damage, and more can point to roof damage! Let our experts investigate.

We provide repairs big and small for:

Tile Roof

Cracked tiles or a difficult leak. Put our repair experts to work. They can locate even the most difficult leaks in your tile roof. Even the strongest tile roofing can be cracked, knocked loose, or otherwise damaged. 

Shingle Roof

Shingle roofing can take a beating during Florida’s storms and heat. If your shingles have fallen prey to algae mold, cracking, granule loss sagging, general deterioration, or if they’re completely missing—give us a call.

Metal Roof

Metal roofing can resist a lot of intense weather and damage. However, warping, leaking, corrosion, and rusting can occur due to improper installation, sea spray and daily wear and tear.

Flat & Low Slope Roofs

Flat roofs can experience water pooling, debris buildup, cracking, and bubbling. The number one cause of flat roof damage is actually sun damage. If the Florida sun is wreaking havoc on your flat roof, call today for a quick, expert repair.

Experiencing a leak? Worried about weather damage? Don’t wait—contact one of our experts today at 941-365-3359.

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